Brexitcast: May offers to go but the DUP say ‘NO’! – BBC News

What next for Brexit? Our BBC Radio 5 live Brexitcast podcast is now here on YouTube!

In today’s episode, Theresa May says she’ll quit if Parliament passes her deal but Arlene says she isn’t up for it.

What does this mean for Brexit? Laura Kuenssberg, Katya Adler and Adam Fleming from the BBC’s Brexitcast team are here to explain all.

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39 Replies to “Brexitcast: May offers to go but the DUP say ‘NO’! – BBC News”

  1. Ding dong the Euro's dead , the Euro's dead. Ding Dong the wicked E.U. is dead. Brexit is just theatre , a big orchestrated production to distract everyone from Israeli elections, and allowing time for the Euro to fade. Italy /China is the end. I expect NATO to replace Italy with Russia in the future. /// Times are changing.

  2. The EU would love much more to negotiate with Jeremy Corbyn and Kier Starmer. They're far more reasonable and quite great to deal with and their plans are far more realistic and less damaging to the economy in general. Who would want to deal with a Tory after the whole whole Brexit debacle so far? I mean you have to be realistic and smell the roses at some point. Even a couple of Conservatives have done so by indicating they are backing Ken Clarke's proposal for a customs union. You know, the Father of the House, who basically said in defence of his motion that it was to bring together the 52 and the 48 but also said his proposal was a sensible direction that was deliberately 'unfinished' but a good basis to build on and to be negotiated further on. That motion was more popular than Corbyn's, but it would be a good stepping stone for it. And it seems that several Conservatives had no problem at all backing Ken Clarke's motion, but were very weary about getting caught voting for Corbyn's. Although there was one single noteworthy Conservative who did vote for Corbyn's proposal: that very Ken Clarke, the Father of the House. That in itself is a very interesting dynamic. Certainly on the day that the PM is selling of her hed on a plate in order to get a few votes more. But it shows how bad the situation has gotten: the reasonable Tories now have to basically admit without actually admitting it that Labours plan only has 5 votes less than the PM's, but with almost everyone else trying to be against Corbyn and his plan (and maybe for the best that he got 5 votes less or he would have put her to a complete shame). However, when Ken Clarke is making the proposal, it seems okay forTories to be seen voting for something that goes in the same direction (even though Corbyn's plan does give some say which has already been discussed and felt out as a possibility with the EU). But then this was only the first round, and we didn't yet go into the abstainers who might still be convinced or the noes that still might turn. That's a very interesting picture.Nobody wants to admit it and so many hate it, but Corbyn is sitting on the solution. It's no wonder that all of a sudden May is trying to get Labour MP's over to support her withdrawal bill alone without a political declaration. And to be honest, the real question is why she doesn't announce a GE? At this point she has lost any credibility in the UK and the EU, but so have most of the Tories.

  3. May would be happy to step down because she would have achieved what she was planted to get which is a shady corrupt deal that is as good as not leaving the E.U at all, we would infact be stuck in a permanent state of the E.U if she gets to hard code E.U laws into our own laws.

  4. The EU: We cannot betray the 6 million people who signed a petition to remain in the EU
    Also the EU: We can betray the 5 million people who signed a petition to protest Articles 11 & 13

  5. DUP and other Hard brexiteers are so thick they cannot See that their actions are strengthening the Hands of the EU. DUP Northern irish anti-abortion thickos.

  6. I'm glad that Brextcast now has video, it makes it all the more easy to detect when they are slanting the truth to push their agenda. It's now plain to SEE their bias and where their sypathies truly lie. Katya in particular needs to work on her poker face if she is to maintain the farcical pretense of "impartiality". Her face and body language is an open book.

  7. My God we have an incompetent government. They know nothing about what they are doing….and even their lies and obfuscation are confused, irrelevant and not understandable by themselves let alone the public. I suppose this means that they are all achieving the pinnacles of their careers and can expect a knighthood for all come the next election…..oh, and an expenses paid duck house… nearly forgot.

  8. 14:39 it's very frustrating to hear this, as we the public scream at you presenters that there NEVER had to be a backstop!!!!

    The ONLY reason it is there is as a form of political control to be used in the 2nd part of the negotiation by either EU officials wanting to breakup the Union as a Price of Brexit, or Pro EU politicians in the UK trying to blackmail Brexiteers into saying 'It's either a customs union or we breakup the Union'.

    There never needed to be anything like it, and its incredibly frustrating to hear you journalists talk about it this way as it appears you've drunk the EU's cool aid and gone native!

    There were a myriad of ways round this problem, it never even had to be a problem if UK gov had negotiated in competant way, but now its become an issue so will always be an issue in the future. The reason there is so much trouble about this and the DUP are so incensed is that once signed these Treaties have long lasting and often unseen repercussions (just look at the EU itself).

    And playing with politics in Northern Ireland is like playing with matches after you've doused yourself in petrol. Do you really think the Unionists will just accept this breaking of the Good Friday agreement and a drift towards the Republic? They would rather see ANOTHER partition in Northern Ireland than accept rule from Dublin.

    Love Brexitcast, I listen to every episode, but this is incredibly frustrating to hear. Maybe next time have somebody on who can offer an opposing view?


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  10. Independence for Wales from this bias government!
    The House of Commons doesn’t even have an equal number of MP’s from each country within it!
    Would you give China more of a say in World issues because they have a bigger population?
    I doubt it!

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