Brexit: Theresa May’s dangerous game of political chicken

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The FT’s UK political commentator Robert Shrimsley says the prime minister is risking the nation’s interests as she tries to maintain Conservative party unity and has one more attempt at facing down the EU over the issue of the Irish backstop


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  1. "She believes that running down the clock helps…" sounds less like a strategy for a PM, but more like a bullshiting strategy for a college student with a deadline.

  2. I think it’s already too late for the tories. The only thing keeping them in power is the even greater fear of a Marxist labour government.

  3. Shrimsley here, is another Brexit hater, he's a typical globalist Remain extremist, typical of the globalist FT paper.
    Talks utter shite about the laughable ''cliff edge'' bollocks and Tories out of power for a generation.
    If they fail on this task, then yes, they will be stuffed forever. But, credit to May, she knows full well what is at stake.

  4. The problem is that Cameron misused the referendum process by characterizing it as binding, and he structured the vote incorrectly as only having two options. And he used it as a political stunt, without thinking about the consequences. He also failed to have any public discussion before the vote. Then, various players put out false information to mislead the electorate and misuse social media and commit election finance offences to influence the vote. Then, the Conservative Party abandoned its own principles as a supporter of EU membership, supporting a position they don't agree with philosophically

    Then, instead of engaging in a discussion, they ploughed on without addressing the fact that leaving without a deal would affect business while a deal would make the UK a vassal state of the EU. Through all of this, they failed to take a principled approach, pandered to bigotry and xenophobia, failed to properly educate the public about the background to the formation of the EU as a force for peace in Europe and as a force for social progress in member states. They allowed those who spoke of nationalism to dominate the discussion without opposition and sided with those who characterised Europeans as distasteful foreigners. They also failed to consider the position of families living in Europe and the need of businesses in the UK to have labour from Europe, failed to appreciate the difficulties of setting up border checks, ignored major industries who threatened to leave the country if Brexit went through and misjudged the division this would cause in the public.

    Apart from those issues, it's just a stupid idea supported by people who are filled with hate and don't care if thousands of people lose their jobs.

  5. Fill your car up ports. Close no oil chicken oil will come in handy glad I’ve *got a large flock of them it’s easy to covert my moped so I’m all right Jack 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐥🐥🐥

  6. Bye bye EUSSR. Hopefully 48% of EUtopia lovers will be claiming political asylum in Brussels. This is tribalism. We coalesce around an idea that unites us across the population. I like it. There are people whose ideals form a bond. That bond is now entrenched and gives us a political void to fill, as the establishment has done little for the many and we all feel it in one form or other. We have a unified voice and we like it. Similar sentiments from the yellow vests. Thanks remoaners, you hate change but you have given us a sense of purpose. And we aren’t racist little Britain’s either.
    Japan has a free trade agreement today with NO FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT so that says it all. We are disrupters to the elite. Be on your guard greedy people, we are on to you.

  7. I really feel that this whole thing has been orchestrated to fail and the British Government and EU Commissioners are in on this sham. This should never have been managed by a bunch of remainer shills. As for Mr Speaker; no comment!

  8. this guy is a propagandist for no Brexit. The pro-remainers think they will fool the British people with a false Brexit deal, that corresponds to making the UK a colony of the EU. So much lying and betrayal

  9. the eu wont budge ….that's because they see Great Britian as divided… if they would have at least seemed like they had some solidarity … the EU would not be playing this kid of hard ball

  10. After the way Brussels have acted a no deal wto terms would be much easier. They are using the backstop to trap uk into there little cunning plan, wonder if that's why they are so triggered at the British parliment not letting it be passed through. No deal wto terms. Is the only way from here, why didn't they show on any national news Italy is on the verge of collapse, they have declared them selfs bankrupt. Worst bit is, mays conservative goverment are quite fanatical on the German Franco project, today they announced they would set up a trade with Iran behind the US back. France and Germany trying to screw the uk over so what do we do stab America and join there little games, well I hope it backfires in all there faces. Who knows, France Germany n Britain might even give Iran nukes its only fair right,?? Sooner mays incompetence government is out the better.

  11. Cliff edge ? What do you know that everyone else doesn't? Oh I see you're the globalist asswipe anti brexit newsfeed FT.
    Your opinion is worthless. Earn respect by printing the truth and people may start to listen. As it is all you have as followers are the brainwashed pseudo intellectuals. good luck.

  12. Just dont leave the eu. I dont See any advantage for the uk. All I hear is they want to make their own deals. What leverage do you have to demand good deals from any country once you're out of the eu? Are you planning to set sail and colonize again? I just don't get it. There will be no more future investments – rather companies will slowly move their facilities to other countries. Best of luck m8s. It'll be some tough years before you become immigrants somewhere else :/

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