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  1. The UK voters voted for Brexit. Then UK voters voted for the MPs in parliament. Therefore UK voters are responsible for what is happening in UK politics now.

  2. wonna grow to 100+ years? be the queen with nanotech, or the cyborg dancing robot of a PM,, stuffed nanotech! with your money people wake up! and look into it
    no progress yet she says i work day and night( something only a cyborg can)

  3. Everyone knows the E.U put that 3 month deadline in there. They can simply say "no more time" right now and the U.K would be forced to do a no deal. May acting like shes being tough is laughable.

  4. We’re crashing out; stock up on food, medicine, and cash. We’ll need that’s stiff upper lip for the next few years. And yes, this obstinate tosser needs to resign.

  5. The speaker says she can’t bring the same deal back. Tusk says no extension without parliamentary agreement to the deal/treaty. Doh! If all this is true, it’s WTO terms on the 29th. I’m trying hard to think how this logic can be changed: 1. Tusk changes his mind. 2. Speaker changes his mind or Parliament changes it for him. Am I missing something?

  6. So second referendum is undemocratic, but trying to shove the same deal through parliament for a third time after it being rejected twice is perfectly OK. Got it.

  7. Leave with on WTO terms now. This is awful. What a horrible prime minister. Completely lost the sense of reality.

  8. Nothing new then. Tik tock is all I’m hearing. Looks like it’s time to bite your lips and see how good our political class really are when a hard Brexit is what inevitably becomes our nations reality.

  9. May….. The MPs of Parliament have had 2.75 years to make a choice. What makes you think that is going to change any in the next 3 months. You had you Mandate from the vote in 2016 no deals no strings attached no tie ins or remaining in special departments. We voted out COMPLETELY Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels. Had you upheld that decision, you had the mandate to fall back on, but instead you tried to be clever and cling to this bit and that bit which the EU would never agree to. You told us clearly and repeated it countless times "we will leave the EU on 29th March 2019" and you have U Turned. You said No Deal is Better than a Bad Deal….. you call your deal a good deal…… you are completely deluded if you continue to believe that. You have in effect negotiated Brexit on behalf of the EU, not the UK and we are sick of seeing how much you have given away. What goes next….. the fishing grounds, its about the only thing left.
    The EU were originally agreeable to a Canada Plus deal, and it might have been something much more workable than the ridiculous clusterfuck you have generated in your own privately nurtured deal, heavily influenced without doubt by considerable input from Junkers and Merkel (to Germany's benifit and the UKs detriment). You tried to do it all at the last GE. It wasnt the Tories versus Labour, it was May versus Labour, and your Government let you get on with it, and you got your Parliamentary Majority torn away.
    You went off securing Trade Deals in Africa to gather the credit and brownie points for, a job that your Trade Secretary Fox was responsible for and so far has had a fair amount of success in handling. You went to Brussels at 4am in the morning at the end of 2017 riding roughshod over the efforts of David Davis and YOU proposed the Irish Backstop which has become the main barrier to us leaving. Your bullying attitude at Chequers showed your true colours and from there it was all downhill for you. You have had one vote of No Confidence from your own party and had the gaul to remain in office after too close a defeat of the motion. Since then you have made new records in having YOUR DEAL voted down TWICE in record thrashing votes against, and still you wont resign. If the matter was not so serious everyone would be calling you the Parliament Jester, the only difference being the people are not laughing with you, they are laughing AT you. You have in turn made our great Nation a Laughing Stock around tthe world – the Rudderless Government and the Government that is all bluff and bluster, made up essentially with 85% Remainer Ministers. You have had resignation after resignation, ALL down to your pathetic Leadership, you have sown the wind, now you reap the whirlwind. All of your own making !!!
    You started off making the right noises but steadily you have submitted to the pressure of so many remainer MPs who are voting against their constituencies, and the media/press who are 80% in favour of remain. Your Party no longer trusts or believes you, Your Parliament no Longer trusts or Believes You, and we the People of this nation, both Leavers and remainers alike definitely do not Trust You or Believe You. Why the hell dont you simply throw in the towel and let someone more capable take over, because you are devoid of any respect now from any quarter.

  10. Excuse me but, by now, if you didn´t catch what the MP´s want, maybe start to listen to them while Berkow trys to keep them calm!
    How can she honestly stand there and blaim the MP´s. I, a person in europe, watching parliament in the last few month, is just baffled by what is going on.
    Honestly, my opinion is clear, but now Europe is in a situation where they probably end up taking the blame from the finger pointing game that has already started.

  11. Funny how the Eu wants her deal but parliament keeps rejecting it, perhaps because it's a winner for them? I mean why else would they keep pushing it.
    I also think the government is Lazy, they don't want to leave because then they might have to actually do some work, rather than just accepting all the rules & regulations that the EU give us, then hold there hands up, tut loudly, shake their head then blame the EU.
    I think almost 3 years of wasting time is enough, do us all a favour and just leave.

  12. I'm going to throw away my English Dictionary if they don't follow the definition of exit…I can't believe they defeated Nazi Germany only to join the EU, which was a Nazi creation and the first EU President was Hitler's Nazi Director of the Economy!!!

  13. UK won't to leave the EU. They found out what they can lose. This is a political dirty game. Brexit it's just comedy and shame for Brits people who voted for it. People have been lied by own government, they did what they did..freedom of words is always respected but if they want to leave why do they try to extend this period?? for business, it's the worst scenario, no one knows what's going to happen..Frankly, I do believe the last round for the UK is to give people another chance to make 2nd referendum with already updated details. They know very well what's going on now. It is complete rubbish!!!! cheap fish and chips for sale to rest of the European countries shouldn't be accepted.

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