Brexit: Theresa May holds press conference – watch live

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27 Replies to “Brexit: Theresa May holds press conference – watch live”

  1. the deal honour the brexit vote and advoid the no deal chaos,
    the PM wants to spare the country the pain of brexit, in this deal she has done this
    the extemist on both side will shout it down for their own agenda

  2. So, Theresa May says…………… we are taking back control of our money,……..we are taking back control of our borders……… SO That means we had NO CONTROL over our money and NO CONTROL over our borders….. At what stage did the government hand over control of these things. WHY are we even voting to get out of the EU when we should have voted whether we should have gone in in the first place.
    This, ladies and gentlemen, is the UK government for you… a pack of liars.
    Incompetent and downright =deceitful

  3. The people voted out, and after David Cameron said he and the Tory party will respect that, He left because it never went his way, Theresa May takes over and tells more lies by telling the people she will do whats best in the interest of this country and it's people.

    Leaving her to get a deal that suits her, still not a deal that the people voted for, Not really giving a monkeys about what the people want she will continue to do things her way, A Remainer should never have been able to take charge, Never.

  4. She’s no Margaret Thatcher. I wish she would buck up and say we’re leaving, we’re not paying 39 Billion, the UK has paid enough to belong to this liberal club. Tell Junkers, not one pence will be paid and your leaving this self destructive organization. Don’t drink the kool-aid of German self hatred that seems to permeate the EU. The UK is the cradle of Western Civilization and rule of law, so much to be proud of and grateful for and you can do this! Trade on WTO rules with EU, you will be glad you did to preserve your right to govern yourself. Stay strong! 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

  5. May’s lies and treacherous behaviour have no bounds it would appear. The Conservative party will pay a very heavy price at the next general election. I’m a lifelong Conservative, met Maggie on few occasions and I’ll never vote conservative again.
    I’ve been trying to think of the last time the people of this country have been betrayed by our leadership in this way, that would be some time ago, 1649 and Charles I, we all know what happened to him.

  6. Jacob Rees Mogg is the only one who can save the Conservative party now…Otherwise they will be obliterated along with labour by the good people of this country who no longer believe in anything they say.

  7. What strikes me is that out of 10 questions 1 is about the deal itself, and 9 about party or politics. It seems that the PM head is more valuable than actually discussing what's on the table.

  8. The point is her Brexit isn’t what we voted for

    On 9 May 2018 govt said
    “The UK is leaving the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union. We are seeking to establish a deep and special partnership with the EU and a new customs arrangement outside the EU’s Customs Union”

    Where’s the end of the Sm and Cu ? The most important parts?

    She may now be dissociating. The ego defence is not congruous. She can’t handle the absolute revulsion of the true public

    This is mental disorder. Psychotic defence ?

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