Brexit: PM May pitches latest EU deal to parliament as deadline looms

British Prime Minister Theresa May was under pressure on Monday to give a date for leaving office as the price to bring Brexit-supporting rebel lawmakers in her party behind her twice-defeated European Union divorce treaty.

At one of the most important junctures for the country in at least a generation, British politics was at fever pitch and, nearly three years since the 2016 EU membership referendum, it was still unclear how, when or if Brexit will ever take place.

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6 Replies to “Brexit: PM May pitches latest EU deal to parliament as deadline looms”

  1. Quite what part those idiots who marched on Saturday don't understand I'll never know
    We voted to leave there will be no 2nd refuremdon
    It has nothing to do with Nicola sturgeon or that Marxist Neanderthal worzil corbyn

  2. Please be advised that not one single MP
    is Honourable !!

    They are all bandying about, ' right honourable gentleman/lady ' etc .

    Rest assured that all the time these so called ' honourable ' persons
    in the House are totally ignoring the 17.4 million winning voters
    of the referendum instruction to LEAVE EU , then as a matter of
    fact they are being ' DISHONOURABLE ' !!!

    These clowns , whichever party they are from , are one huge joke !!!

    🇬🇧 NO DEAL ! WTO Terms ! FREEDOM of UK ! 🇬🇧

  3. Out means out not extensions and other time wasting factors. Corbyn is a commie and determined to ruin GB.
    The loud mouthed Scots need to remember who is paying their wages! Without the rest of the UK's taxes they are finished.

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