Brexit: May says high time MPs vote for her deal in No 10 statement

Theresa May delivered a statement outside 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, where she said it was high time MPs voted for her Brexit deal. 
She started her statement by saying it was ‘of great personal regret’ that Britain is not leaving on March 29. She added that her deal was ‘the best deal negotiable’, and attacked MPs for failing to make a decision. ‘I am on your side,’ she said, addressing the British people.


25 Replies to “Brexit: May says high time MPs vote for her deal in No 10 statement”

  1. It's very House of cards, postmodern – TV within TV, and American President, this. Visually and as an idea, script, plot, play, and upload to your eyes and head. And a little bit Harry Potter with the figures, The House of Commons boarding school with Houses, color, intramural teams. PM is a mix of the School Mistress and one of the teachers, and John Bercow is a Harry and Robbie Coltrane.

  2. We don't want "this stage" of Brexit to be over and done with! We want Brexit to be over and done with, consigned to the bin of embarrassing and forgotten chapters of our country's history.

  3. My advice, for those that can, you can't leave the EU because you have a corrupt government who is betraying the will of the people and democracy, but you CAN leave the U.K.
    I'm leaving. Why stay under a dictatorship? And I wouldn't live in Britain if you paid me.

  4. We voted to leave and she is right we have had enough but to say she is on our side joke!Nobody wants the deal-treaty on offer!we dont want extension!we want our democracy back from the clutches of the EU dictators!

  5. This Brexit saga is feeling like that boardgame 'Escape from Colditz'.The UK has dug some tunnels,obtained rope to try and scale the walls, all to no affect.Every escape attempt from Colditz/EU has been thwarted.We are now left with one last desperate gamble.With the clock running down,Mrs May has picked up the 'Steal a staff car' card and is going to make a run for it in a do or die effort!

  6. She stands her ground and a great believer in democracy, I fully support her, she gave MP's the choice to leave with a deal or no Deal whichever way Brexit must be

  7. Perhaps her total incompetence is feigned and a ruse to have Brexit stall and be abandoned? Hopefully… but whatever happens Scotland will break away from the insanity of the London government.

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