Brexit – James O'Brien Theresa May has Lost the Plot

James O’Brien talks about how Theresa May may be acting undemocratically by blaming parliament for her own ills.

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34 Replies to “Brexit – James O'Brien Theresa May has Lost the Plot”

  1. That first guy really does just encapsulate so many remainers, It's about MORE than just the economy (and no I don't mean immigration); It's this kind of money-centric opinion of life and our government that has led to so many of the problems and issues we have today in this country.

  2. Scotland will leave you very soon, the six counties will leave you not long after and eventually Wales will leave you too. Hell mend you for your unflinching arrogance, bigotry and insularity… hell fucking mend you, England.

  3. Interesting twist on what happened. The people voted to leave – dead stop. They were not bewildered sheep, ignorant or bamboozled. The only folks who want another referendum are the remainers. The remainers are twisting the story by pointing at the incompetence of parliament (no argument about that) and trying to tell the people that the only way to deal with this incompetence is another referendum. The members of parliament are not the only ones trying to scam people.

  4. These are times that require people with nerve and balls to stand up and say what's what. The ineptitude of her work and choice of cabinet ministers who clearly have little concept of the real world will go down in history as the biggest failure in British political history. Other voices need to be heard this prime minister is leading Britain into seas without sails. It began with a jab in the eyes to the eu and her brexit speech. Saying we will make Britain a tax haven for large investments, as if it isn't already. Nigil Farage Boris Johnson David Davies and Micheal Gove have done more damage to Britain than can be calculated right now. Any eu nationals in their right mind might leave to go back to their own countries. Because they will be better off. Meanwhile the city of London tax haven will continue to exist but nervously..that means the rest of the country will have to fend for itself somehow. No doubt James Dyson who is a brexiteer will bring all his manufacturing to the UK to take advantage of dirt cheap labour…Mad dogs and Englishmen went out in the midday sun.

  5. The MP's are there to obey and carry through the democratic vote given exclusively to the people and to be carried out in full as voted for, we voted to leave the EU which means as was made clear in the leaflet and by both remain and leave groups for there own agenda that we would leave both the Custom Union and the Single Market as is defined as leaving the EU…

    We have members of parliament trying to frustrate that democratic vote, we did not vote for having any kind of deal we voted to leave, if we get a deal then that is a bonus but to try say we need another vote or we need to appease the remainers too is in contempt of the people that voted that day on both sides, democracy cannot work if it is not honoured and that is regardless of whether you were leave or remain, without trust in our democratic system we cannot function as a true democracy and the rest of our political system will just fall into eternal chaos.

  6. England, not Great Britain, soon there will be no GB, will become a full on backwater fascist vassal state of the new powers of fascism, Russia and the USA.

  7. she wont regret them, she doesn't care, she thinks she's all powerful that why she lied to the queen about the deal with the DUP when she asked to form a government

  8. You're watching the decline and fall of Britain. The Hollow Men, 'this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper' Eliot figured it out years ago.

  9. Re the comments .There is not one major British owned car company left.The Japanese companies are in the UK only because Britain is in the UK. .UK can survive outside the EU but will lose more and more manufacturing jobs and it will be the working class who will suffer

  10. what is her motive to go on such an incredibly confrontational course? The resistance and contempt for her is so painfully obvious, yet she still presses on. What the hell is this?

  11. For the first time I agree with O'Brien, my only concern is why did it take him so long to realise May's lost the plot, normal people came to this conclusion years ago.

  12. So it's OK for Theresa May to repeatedly try to push the Brexit deal through the House of Commons within the span of three months, but having a second referendum after 3 years is somehow "against democracy"?

  13. She hasn't lost the plot, she never had the plot in the bloody first place. She is the worst prime minister ever, and I include Thatcher ( and I hate Thatcher with a vengeance having lived through her destruction of this countries industries and unions)

  14. We voted to leave and our elected parliament have gone against the general public who gave them a instruction to leave is this guy thick and why on earth is Beethoven agreeing with him.its parliaments fault all the way.the guy talking is full of can’t moan about people having a referendum on something but then say we should have another when you have not implemented the first vote yet how is that democracy.parliment voted for us to have a referendum they didn’t like the result and we are where we are becouse of it.THERE FAULT.

  15. You lost your mind at the end. Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister, despite all the smear attacks and negativity built around fiction and fake news.

  16. Teresa May a hard working lady.. However her party thirst… I honestly believe that if she came out and told the British people that the best deal is to stay in the EU and them give somo examples to the people hear party would benefit..

  17. With the debacle we are all witnessing , being either Pro or against Brexit, it MUST be in the interests of everyone that Article 50 be revoked immediately.
    It would then be sensible to negotiate some details of membership in order to placate the majority who bothered to vote Leave which would mainly be about immigration as that was a major issue raised at the 2016 Referendum. Admittedly this has ramifications regarding the process of Democracy and Parliament but the situation is unprecedented and it is ,I believe, the duty of Parliament to act in the best interests of the country and the people and it is now clearly evident that in the modern world they are better off in the E.U. being a population and majority of business that cannot function independent of it.

  18. It seems the great British press agree with her are we now ruled by tinpot dictator who thinks she is the only one who can save brexit for the masses there is a petition for revoking article 50 over one million people have signed have a look ¿

  19. @Maximilien Robespierre, I'm surprised {given your nom de plume) that you haven't picked up on O'Brien's very first point. It's not 'Trumpian'. Trump is "the idiot's Carl Schmitt". It's Schmittian to its core, right down to 'the crisis of parliamentary democracy' that has now been precipitated by a PM who imagines herself 'a decisive leader' and

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