Brexit Debate LIVE: Theresa May gives update following Europe talks|#BREXIT

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox gives his statement to the House of Commons after publishing legal advice on the Irish backstop. (Subscribe:

In a letter to the Prime Minister Theresa May he said the legal risk of Brexit “remains unchanged”, but that alterations to the withdrawal deal “reduces the risk” of the UK being held in the backstop “indefinitely.”

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15 Replies to “Brexit Debate LIVE: Theresa May gives update following Europe talks|#BREXIT”

  1. This is the same Geoffrey Cox who, despite Tommy Robinson's contempt of court charges being thrown out by the top UK judge, is trying to get him imprisoned again for the same charges, supposedly "in the public interest". Tommy Robinson is one of the most misrepresented and persecuted critics of mass immigration in the UK. The establishment wants him silenced and preferably murdered in a high Muslim population prison.

  2. Many of the most powerful supporters of the Brexit campaign appear in the Paradise Papers because of their offshore interests. There is nothing illegal about their arrangements.

    But many of these same voices have urged a “hard Brexit” – which could see the UK ripping up its economic model and in effect becoming a tax haven on the borders of Europe.

    That might suit Brexiters, many of whom have either made their money, or keep their money, or live, offshore.

    But the prospect has horrified many Tory and Labour MPs at Westminster. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said it would create a “bargain-basement Brexit” that would transform the country into “a low-paid tax haven on the shores of Europe”.

    There is a broader debate: whether the offshore world, with the secrecy that it offers, and the tax breaks it can give, remains moral and ethical in a time of growing global inequalities.

    There are legitimate questions about why people use offshore arrangements – what benefit they had, or were hoping for. Here we examine the backgrounds of some the loudest voices in the Brexit debate.

    Most have publicly defended their offshore interests. The Paradise Papers offer new vignettes about them – and how they have benefited, legally, from the kind of practices that are now under more scrutiny than ever before.

  3. 40 million euros for what?
    To future plunder our fish stock and endure the wonderful gift of immigration and multiculturalism.
    Democracy is an illusion , when they keep asking for votes until the preferred answer is chosen .

  4. It is time for Nothern Ireland and Scotland to leave the sinking ship UK before you have to pay the Brexit chaos price!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  5. This is what the UK parliament call negotiating. We are going to leave but we won't leave without a deal so until you give us a deal we vote to accept we won't leave. The EU position is we don't want you to leave so we'll never give you a deal you want to vote for. Democracy defeated no problem.

  6. Why has no one considered the EFTA option that has been offered to us for 2 years? It's a ready to go option that would give us all the advantages of being just outside the EU but with direct access to a tariff free single market. We could take our time to arrange external Trade Treaties and chose our time to leave fully if we still want to having become the lead country of this privileged group of the riches nations associated with the EU. We would be in a much stronger position to effect the future of Europe as a whole and stop the rush to a military super state. Whilst in this EFTA group our annual fees would be less than 10% of what we have been paying, approximately £200m rather than £7B nett currently. There would be no back stop problem and no need to pay the £39B divorce settlement/ continuity of the EU gravy train for our traitors to enjoy 1st class seats!

  7. Please , could this huge mess remain strictly english ? Wouldn't it be a good idea to postpone the Brexit for 100 years , so you could discuss it another 1 000 000 hours in vain between you , at the House of Commons ? As you know , european people have other issues to deal with than the "backstop"..
    Besides , we don't want to loose the few grey cells your successive Prime Ministers had the courtesy to leave us…

  8. May's deal (if you can even call it that… CAPITULATION, more like) got
    voted down AGAIN!!!
    Onward now, the brave. Those chicken-livered Remainers can come along,
    too. Benefiting from our endeavours (as they will). We gotta get out of
    this place. If it's the last thing we ever do. We gotta get out of this
    place (to where there's a better life, for me and you).
    DOWN with Globalism, DOWN with the Globalists and DOWN with their
    brainwashed Hunger-Games fodder AKA EU Remainers!!!
    If Theresa May were to have been Prime Minister since 1939, she would
    still be kicking the can down the road and debating whether or not to
    declare war on Nazi Germany, today. What a useless, duplicitous, vacuous
    individual she is (and was when she was the LONGEST SERVING Home
    Secretary, also).
    Her legacy in World History is going to be poor… very poor. In ten
    years from now, nobody will even remember her.
    Girl Power. Why aren't more women in positions of power? BECAUSE OF
    THERESA MAY IS WHY!!!!! Who could trust another?

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