Brexit deadlock: May holds talks at Chequers amid coup speculation

For a coup, it certainly seemed short-lived. This morning’s newspapers hailed ministers such as Michael Gove and David Lidington as possible successors. By this afternoon those ministers were offering her public support.

But there is little doubt her leadership is in deep trouble and she held talks with some of her fiercest critics from her Brexiter faction today, to try to seek a way forward.


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  1. I think it's very easy to point fingers at May and blame her for what has happened. In all honesty, although her approach in the House has been questionable, she's been doomed since the start. Brexit was and is the poison chalice for any MP who drinks from it.

  2. The UK is currently the only country that considers a 2nd confirmative public vote as undemocratic. Instead the Government intends to bring forward the same motion of the WA for a 3rd time before the HoC. Shaking my head in disbelieve. I am impressed by UK citizen went to the streets in the millions last Saturday and over 5 mil people signed a petition. I hope it’s not too late to stop the self-destructive policy of their Gov. The EU is stronger with the UK, always has been. Greetings from Germany

  3. C'mon, leaving with no deal but on WTO terms might not be plain sailing, and will no doubt require some negotiating, but won't vaguely compare to Britain negotiating through two world wars…

  4. Either she goes or not Brexit is a disaster for the UK and as time passes by it seems that it will happen. Even if it's an orderly Brexit the results will emerge in the next 3-5 years when the UK signs trade-deals with the USA and other economies around the world…..that will be the reckoning moment. Until then Brexitoptimism about an Empire2.0. will run high… in the post-Brexit era even the traditional political parties will break up.

  5. UK fought 2 wars to keep our country free and independent now treacherous THERESA would sign it away with her ABOMINATION of a treaty they have no shame

  6. I have never said it before but I do think Its time for a Second vote BUT remain should NOT be on the ballot. The option should be No deal or the Government's deal. That is really the only realistic way of doing a second vote, any other way means Parliament might just as well cancel brexit all together as it has the power to do this anyway, the original vote was not binding.

  7. Before being issued the ballot paper people should pass a test demonstrating they are competent enough to know what they are voting for or against. If that had happened before the referendum Britain would now be safely in the EU, vast swathes of simpletons and ignoramuses would simply NOT have had the right to vote.

  8. She ended up as Pm in basically the same fashion as "Paul RINO" wound up as speaker of the US House : political dithering! Both choices were equally disastrous!

  9. If we had a consensus after knowing the terms of Brexit, people wouldn't have to call for a second referendum. Put it in the other way, the EU referendum 3 years ago was a silly yes/no referendum, because it offers no information on the terms of leaving EU. Brexit isn't a quick in quick out action. Our connection with EU are tied in many aspect of our society over the past 40 years. The proper way of doing a Brexit referendum is to have a pre-negotiation and a post-negotiation referendum, that's it! A 3rd referendum is unnecessary, because people already know the terms of leaving EU with a deal or without a deal.

  10. The “ we have been given by the EU” language used by our politicians exposes their programme to ignore the referendum. It shows the EU contempt and belief in an authority taken by deception and lies over 40 years. Actually if we had a Brexit pm we would be saying “get lost. We have nothing to do with your United States of Europe. “. But the remain side of the equation cannot get this idea because a lot of the Europhiles perhaps never lived in a free U.K.? You see neither side can ever give in to the other. It’s a shame but it’s true. If only we could have changed it from within. But now it’s too late. We should have kept the eec and never become the EU. Human political greed should be protected by democracy. But in the EU it doesn’t understand it. We must sort this out now.

  11. Even such a notorious conservative and consistant advocate of the British Empire as Sir Winston Churchill understood the importance, nay, the neccessity of the unification of Europe. Churchill repeatedly stated this in U.K. negotiations with European govts and in the U.K. parliament. . To those of you who are leavers, let's get over this sad, Napoleonic wars, ww2 (understandable) grudge against germany and france etc. United we stand.Divided we fall. 5,499,500 U.K. citizens just signed the Revoke Article 50 Petition, which is organised by .

  12. When it comes to itself, it is known . The British had divided India into Pakistan in just three months and when the turn of their own came they don't take decision in three years that is a The Great Britain .

  13. Hilary Benn (2nd half of video) should accept that he is a major part of the problem, not a part of the solution. Hilary Benn and many of his collegues are doing anything they can to stop Brexit. They are purposely defying the will of the majority of voters who want to leave the EU. I'm tired of hearing, we are doing what we think is right, What's right is respecting democracy and doing what the people think is right. Of course many people disagree with Brexit, but the MAJORITY want Brexit. Its a disgrace that so many parliamentarians think their opinion is more important than the will of the people. Hilary Benn and others will be forever remembered for thwarting (or trying to at least) the biggest democratic vote in UK history. Shame on him, and others of his ilk.

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