Brexit: curtain falls on Theresa May's premiership

The FT’s UK political commentator Robert Shrimsley recounts the mistakes that have led to the prime minister’s inevitable departure. Mrs May signalled the end to her premiership on a dramatic night in the Commons this week.

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23 Replies to “Brexit: curtain falls on Theresa May's premiership”

  1. Populist reporting. Essentially it is a negotiation between two economies, one valued at 2.6 Trillion v the other at 18 Trillion. The EU was always going to have the upper hand. The UK has delusions of grandeur.

  2. They should all be in jail we need a revolution and start with a clean slate
    They have total contempt for their population
    If they want to run government like a banana republic they should have to deal with the real threats from the population that these goverments have to deal with
    Why should the public obey law and order when politicians dont
    wasnt article 50 set in stone and could not be moved?????
    the whole lot of them are snakes

  3. Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister in the history of the United Kingdom, as she is the first to attempt to make the British public slaves to unelected Eurocrats. The British public and the rest of the world look on in utter disgust at the blatant corruption and deceit that goes on daily in our parliament. Democracy in the UK is dead, free speech is dead. Now lets see the death of the European venture, which is terminally ill as demonstrated by the Yellow Jackets.

  4. All the mistakes were planned by her and the Globalist EU..She is a a Traitor to the UK…and this country will erupt.She is not a real Prime Minister she is a EU Puppet.

  5. This is a distraction , day by day they erode your democracy but they do it slowly so you don't get angry, you don't make a noise, until there's nothing left and they have full control

  6. And to think we have been out at work paying taxes, allowing these people to make decisions that impact on our healthcare, our children's education, and our lively hoods.

    After this debacle, we can never ever trust in these people again. We need to hold parliament accountable, with serious consequences for those that serve their own interests over that of the public. Becoming an MP is not a Prize, its a job with a huge responsibility to represent the wishes of those that elected you.

  7. Have to question the whole thing as the extension plan say's we have to agree and have submitted the plan to the EU " By the 29th " not " On the 29th " so if the MP's agree on the 29th and submit the exit plan on or after the 29th , At 11pm on the 29th it has to be the No Deal plan .
    As the initial extension agreement has been broken before we even enter into it ! ..

  8. It's not about legacies or deals or mindless meaningless votes or indicative votes or any of the countless months of kicking the can down the road , The EU have set the agenda they've called the shots written the new leave treaty and expect our puppet ministers to fall into line , it's about keeping the promise of implementing the peoples vote and the manifesto you was elected on and the countless times you repeated the mantra leave means leave March the 29th we will leave and no deal is better than a bad deal , well Mrs may you've come back with the worse deal one that even your party your cabinet and parliament have rejected so it's no deal then tomorrow right ? Oh no I forgot that you cannot lie straight in bed , a poor home secretary who pissed off the police so much they let the streets burn during the riots you pushed through the snoopers charter against massive opposition and now you want to lock us into the EU by the back door with little chance of excape, How much is Merkel and her thugs paying you ? Go woman ffs and take half your bloody party with you .

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