BREAKING NEWS: Theresa May to quit after Brexit deal is passed

BREAKING: Our political correspondent has been told by a Tory MP that Theresa May is ‘prepared to leave this job earlier than intended’ after acknowledging that she had made “some mistakes”.

The UK prime minister reportedly made the promise in an address to Tory MPs during a 1922 committee meeting.

MPs will vote on a range of different Brexit scenarios, as they try to find an alternative they can support over Theresa May’s deal.

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38 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: Theresa May to quit after Brexit deal is passed”

  1. She will be missed.
    As much as Aunt Ethel's old sofa, that sickly green winged threadbare monstrosity that everyone pretended to like until the old bat passed away.

  2. The mess gets worse, the only Brexit thing the House of Commons can agree on is to defer the leaving date. Taking back control, a sick sad joke. Do MPS not realise that their carry on is damaging the lives of millions of people, in the UK and far beyond. SHAME on the lot of them. At least the PM has some principles….the rest could not spell the word. Democracy in the UK has died. What foreign forces could not do, MPS have achieved, at least that's what it looks like from outside the UK.

  3. It dosen't make any difference if she stands down. Whoever takes her place will just be in the same position of trying to get parliament to agree a means of leaving, and they never will agree on anything. It will probably just result in a longer extension and then a general election.

  4. Winston Churchill held the nation together in the face of total and inevitable defeat by the German army, this woman cannot even pass a referendum of the British people? Peace times do indeed make weak people.

  5. Why does May think Parliament will vote for her deal when they have already rejected it? They will accept her rotten deal in order to get rid of her? Normally, one would agree to resign if one's deal were not accepted. No wonder, with this logic, she can't get a deal that's acceptable to parliament. And saying she's not 'collegiate' – too late for mea culpas Theresa.

  6. The big problem will be that: the next one following her will be worse than her….
    Unfortunately there is a leadership crisis in all political parties in UK!!! No one is prepared for the PM's job at the moment. No one. Not in the Tories, even less in Labour.
    The future of this country is really uncertain…

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