48 Replies to “Blur Maggie May”

  1. Was on a triple CD 'NME' promotion called 'Ruby Trax' I think all the songs on it were 'Covers'. My old man bought it to try and keep up the 'Kids', and now 20 years or so on I'm trying to do similar things 😉 Love my Dad x

  2. @modsheff1 Any band that is not a bunch of schoolkids saying: "Listen to us – ain't we got attitude like them Americans we try an' sing like". Pathetic.

  3. @maddalicex

    I know – this is a very run-of-the-mill cover of a shit song. But you commented as if it a) had only just been released and b) showed Blur at their absolute best.

  4. @maddalicex

    This cover was recorded by Blur almost two decades ago, and the original version was written and recorded by by Rod Stewart four fucking decades ago. Blur subsequently went on to enjoy universal acclaim for ten years after recording their Maggie May cover. So get a clue, cheesedick.

  5. I use to play this version all the time in my local estate pub 'Spotted Dog' in Hull, way in back 1993. (Was a very average dj). The punters use to want the Rod Stewart version, but I give em this one instead ! Still love it to this day and Graham Coxon's guitar at about 1.42 sounds on purpose 'sloppy but neat'. Thanks LOOPID77 for uploading this !

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