BEYOND HAPPINESS – Hype & Hype: Devil May Cry 5 (Part 2)

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25 Replies to “BEYOND HAPPINESS – Hype & Hype: Devil May Cry 5 (Part 2)”

  1. I remember watching the stream and eagerly anticipating his reaction to the Dr. Faust hat scene. I was not disappointed.

    And then he finds out what you can do with the hat. Let's just say, he approved.

  2. That sad moment when you get hit less often than a good player, but can't score as many SSS as this player lol The gap is real! I need to get better at this game.

  3. This is an easy 9/10 and going… (all I say is Vergil-dlc…)
    However, isn´t the game silently admitting that it could never be better than DMC 3 by mainly trying to warm up these old memories? I think DMC 3, Bayo 1 and Rising Revengence all tried to revolutionize the action genre with the insane stunts and feats you see the heroes perform. Well, I guess revolutionizing mocap and faces is a strong feat in itself though.

  4. "DMC4 is a solid 6/10 because you have to switch characters and forget how to use Nero."
    Doesn't even mention that once in the whole DMC5 playthrough
    >literally dies in the last part where all you ahve to do is press one button

  5. Man, this is one of my favorite games ever now. They really brought together everything I loved about DMC3 and 4, polished it up super hard, and added some extra shit. Even DMC3 drags a little to me at times, but after 2 playthroughs I still dont feel that about anything in this game. Even without bloody palace this game already feels complete to me, and even that enormous timesink is returning next month. And man, we might possibly even get a playable Vergil on top of everything. This game is the shit.

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