Archaeologists Have Discovered That Another Advanced Species May Have Lived Before Humans

Archaeologists have discovered that another advanced species may have lived before humans. Ancient artifacts could prove that ancient advanced civilizations once existed.

The milky way galaxy has between 100 billion and 2 trillion planets and it would be far fetched to say and even a few of those could have life on them. Modern humans believe that we are the only advanced species that lived on this planet but what if that’s not true.

Recently a thought provoking paper was released which takes a look at other advanced species which could have lived. Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the University of Rochester take a critical look at whether other advanced species ever existed.

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  1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, it doesn’t say how he created it. There’s your Big Bang theory. He created the animals and birds, there’s your dinosaurs and so on. He created man in his own image and there’s where the discussion comes in about the creation of man. Do I believe in Big Foot, no, do I believe in ET, no. Do I believe in ghost yes because I have personally seen an apparition. I wouldn’t have believed it if my German Shepherd hadn’t stood up and growled at it as it went out the back door of my house. Maybe there are some things that we aren’t supposed to understand and that leads to some good discussions.

  2. The question is can intelligent beings develop long before fossil fuel deposits accumulate? Imagine what those beings would be like never having plastics and potentially going straight to radioactive materials for an energy source.

  3. There has definitely been way MORE INTELLIGENT life on earth BEFORE our current society of Homosapien Sapiens😎 Question is, just how many Peoples have there been since the beginning of life on earth?? Have read somewhere that archaeologists have actually pulled "human"footprints alongside those of dinosaurs???!!!

  4. Yes more advanced civilizations than ours have already come and gone .We are not as advanced as yet but one day in the future we may when we have understood all the mysteries of life and death.

  5. It is fairly obvious to me that the Earth has been populated by a so called inteligent species before modern day humans, the evidence is undeniable all around the World. The big question is were the advanced species from Earth or elsewhere?

  6. SMH…….the comments- the indoctrination is befuddling. The oldest known writing is only 6000 years old. The oldest known living organism is a bristle cone pine tree in California- 4,500 years old, and exactly at the time of the end of the flood that every civilization worldwide has a record of. This notion of deep time and millions and billions of years is what academia invented in order to sell their evolution religion, OF WHICH there is zero observable evidence for. We DO however have hundreds of thousands of evidences for dinosaurs and humans living contemporaneously- bones even found together.

  7. There is no doubt in my mind. Civilizations have been on earth pre cataclysm minimum of 50,000yrs. The ppl we call caveman were generations after all hell broke loose. There were very advanced beings here from other planets here.

  8. Some of these stones made me think of how they are planning on 3D printing with local materials on Mars as part of the colonization.

  9. of all the ancient artifacts left behind, i feel that we are not and were not the only advanced species on earth. It is man's own arrogance to think that we are the only intelligent life forms on earth or anywhere for that matter. Earth has been around for billions of years and i feel that life has arose and fallen thousands of times or more in the past.

  10. They do not want us to know truth, going by discoveries like this, their have been more advanced civilization than us and the earth is much older than the Bible and the history books say it is.

  11. I think it’s Native legend that says earth has had 5 other civilizations that archived technological advancements then killed themselves off. We are the 6th one and headed straight to destruction just as fast as we can.

  12. Most of us know by now that there is huge gaps in our ancestry .Modern day archaeologists still insist we re  the best thats ever been , but the evidence says another. Some the stones the sheer size and weight , we simply cant compete.

  13. Couldnt it have been an old lost knowledge of granite concrete or cement like base. They made molds of wood poured in the filling. let it harden over time and burned of the wood. A lot less dramatic to transfer the material and it would explain the precession of the grooves and holes.

  14. Honestly not sure… However I do believe we would see evidence of left over advance technologies that couldn't be erased….. Things that they too would have had to discover. Things such as satellites, certain types of energy creation (nuclear and such would leave behind a radiation foot print for several eons ) …. Metal work and such…… If there were older civilizations they would have had to been extremely small populations…. The reason we built towards the sky (sky scrapper's) was to use an extra dimension of space for cities that we're still close nit. Stone is not very useful for building with advance technologies.
    Not saying there wasn't…. But I just believe we would see more then just a few advanced things made from Stone…. And very few from metal.

    The list of items that seem advanced … Seems rather small and not enough to make ground breaking arguments on. (While I do believe they are amazing and could suggest such things once existed)…. Just not enough.
    Antikythera machine
    The hammer that was found to be millions of years old.
    And such things…(I know most of them) … on …
    A small list of things does not outweigh the entire scientific body and there would be no real benefit of covering something like that up either….

  15. We are not looking for the indicators that an advanced civilisation would have left behind.
    Levels of certain compounds and compounds that do not exist in nature for example.

  16. Thank you my point proven regarding civilizations in the distant past.. Remove the oceans and youll find remninse of civilizations older than Egypt look at tempi pepi it predates giza, there are people who belive in the theorys as what Randal Carlson and Graham Hancock are putting forward that civilzation was gravelly effected by disasters that effected this planet extremly which in turned forced us to start agian.. Its possabile this time we started in ancient Mesopotamia after such a prolific disaster. We unfortunately will never know our distant history about those from way before only small unknown remnants. Our ancient ancestor s were much more advanced than what we've previously thought and such new finding are suprising us more and more..

  17. Life span determine a civilization building materials if you live 30,000 years, would you build your house out of the materials you live inside of now. No bc 200 yrs is a nap!

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