APPLE PARK May 2017 Drone Tour 4K

See the latest from Apple Park featuring aerial drone footage as opening day draws near.

Filmed with a Phantom 3 Pro:

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39 Replies to “APPLE PARK May 2017 Drone Tour 4K”

  1. Build a 5 billion dollar corporate campus…ship all the jobs to China…so that cheap child slave labor can build products and sell back to the USA.

    God Bless America!

  2. Nice views with a horrible sound track. What's with the growly sound? Seems like there can be no visuals without disturbing sounds or narration that is indiscernible. Glad I have separate audio control because the mute on this clip does not "work". The most annoying aspect of recent tubework is the voice over in the chattering vernacular of a post literate society. I like despite critical flaws, because there has been a lot of effort.

  3. I'm guessing the housing prices are going off the roof now, that and the taxes they have to pay per year. Well at least people who work for apple are probably going to want to buy them to be close to work.
    The place looks cool and I hpe they make it look like the apple logo XD even if it's just one smaller building they design in it's shape.

  4. It seems a lot like your copying Duncan Sinfield on his projects to cover Apple and Teslas campus projects via drone 4k quality… It's coming off way to un-original, and tacky when I watch his video updates versus yours… I guess there's a knock off for everything… and btw was this done on android?

  5. That is Truly beautiful it is awe inspiring i hope i can work for Apple one day i love apple so so much i have a lot of apple gear. 4 magic mouse 1, 4 magic mouse 2, 1 apple magic 1 keyboard, 1 apple magic 2 keyboard, 1 apple magic track pad, 1 apple magic 2 track pad, 2 powerbook G4'S 15 inch and 17 inch. imac g3, imac g5, 2006 imac, 2009 imac, powermac g3, power mac g4, power mac g5, 2007 mac pro, 2008 mac pro 30 inch apple cinema display, imac g4 clear speakers, 4 wired apple keyboards, 2 mighty mouse. I have a lot of apple tech all that can be found on my channel 273 power family members and growing and a 170 videos so far. stay classy yo feel free to subscribe rate and comment thank you so much.,

  6. Instead of a watermark for your company, how about some descriptive text about what we are looking at – for all of us who aren't familiar with the plan for the Apple campus?

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