47 Replies to “Apple Campus 2: May 2016 Construction Update”

  1. Rocks! Nice 4K video. Crisp and clean. I like the drop in comments and completion percentage. Thanks for showing the other buildings and the tunnels. I assume that is underground parking. Wow.

  2. Try a letter box 2.35:1!
    It will turn your Video in a cinematic film scene and let them look awesome!
    Nice shots! I got an Edit from Matthew Roberts and i will contact you to use your shots for my Edits/Remix!
    So I hope you will shoot on !

  3. Great music choice! Most of these videos have loud and annoying music that I have to mute to watch the video. I also like the text that you added explaining what we're seeing. Great job.

  4. I would love to see an updated video mid month instead of two on nearly the same day at the beginning of the month. They are both amazing and I'm sure a lot of work, but waiting until the beginning of each month seems like forever. These are fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What makes up the sloped blue solar panels going on the roof? Are the solar panels already installed under the blue protective coating? Just curious?

  6. I just had a thought few minutes ago, and thanks to Duncan reminds me Apple stuffs do read these stuffs.

    Siri must add a security check to it, unless it won't be able to hands-free in the future.

    The reason is very simple. Because without these security checks, your phone can become everyone's phone. I think this problem is presented during the special event in March. Additionally, this problem can be fatal if it is used by some bad people.

  7. Think this will be one of the greatest and last office buildings ever built? I think the traditional workplace is shifting and within 5 years we aren't going to be spending 40 hours a week in an office. You come in for collaborations, meetings, short sprints of productivity, but most of the time you'll just be at home or wherever you want to be answering emails on your phone, thinking about how to make a solution, etc. Maybe 10 hours a week of real hard work, and 10-20 doing administrative, collaboration, learning/researching.

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