7 Interesting Facts About QUI-GON JINN You May Not Know

Hey everybody and welcome to Leia’s Lair. In this episode I have made a list of seven interesting facts about Qui-gon Jinn in Star Wars that you may not know. I hope you enjoy!

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33 Replies to “7 Interesting Facts About QUI-GON JINN You May Not Know”

  1. Yeah definitely a fan of the grey Jedi, was just thinking about Qui-Gon Jinn.. but I would probably be more Mandalorian in nature, and a pilot, "Pie klune" would be one of my mentors 🙂 but yeah that's pretty cool! Thx for the video. Christians, Druids, and Magi.. Oh my! Haha lol I'm not talking about magic I'm talking about Magi being the keepers of knowledge, like the more fictional Druids, from the writings of Terry Brooks. Which does make one wonder because he did write the screenplay for The Phantom Menace afterall

  2. Qui- Gon Jinn was more powerful in the Stars Wars Universe. It just that they didn't get too much into his character. But all out of all the Jedi he was more in tune with the Living Force only and not following what he thinks is the Jedi that are set in there way's about Jedi politics while he was guided by the Force himself and the Force alone. He knows many times the Jedi could get caught up into Jedi Dogma instead of listening to the Living Force.

  3. I think Qui-Gon gets more credit then he deserves, he only drives Obi-Wan to stay in the light, made Anakin join the Jedi, introduced Anakin and Padme, and he mastered the eternal life I mean what a plot point

  4. Love your vids. Interesting to think young Skywalker inherited the more grey area traits from him. And his death lead both Skywalker and Kenobi to become really good fighters, to never lose again. Womp womp.

  5. One fact to add is after xanatos death qui gon had a brief dark side moment, not 100% sure of details but he did become disolutioned for a little bit after events of xanatos

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