[4K] Devil May Cry 5 PC Tech Analysis + Xbox One X Comparison: Everything You Need to Know!

Alex returns with deep-dive of Devil May Cry 5’s PC settings, complete with comparison to the X console version. All told, this is a remarkable conversion with a similar pay-off in frame-rate, to other RE Engine titles like Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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27 Replies to “[4K] Devil May Cry 5 PC Tech Analysis + Xbox One X Comparison: Everything You Need to Know!”

  1. Am I the only who is experiencing really low res looking depths of field in cutscenes? I compared it to the scenes on console and there the DOF looks better and cleaner. Could this be a driver bug?

  2. Motion blur 5-8% performance increase.
    Doesn't recommend turning it off? WTF.
    I'd say that's pretty valuable option to mention since there are many who hate how Motion Blur looks
    Also no mention of chromatic aberration which to me is another Automatic off setting.

  3. I don't think it's "elitist" to want higher end options when the consoles demonstrate that you can maintain 60fps on hardware equivalent to a 750 Ti or 270X. With 15% of people on a GTX 1060 (according to Steam Survey) I don't think it's elitist for there to be options that make use of this hardware.

  4. DOesnt matter if it has a performance increase, its the principle. Using the DRM-less EXE. And will gladly share it with whoever wants it

  5. I have 40 ish fps in mission 2, 7 and few others, but >60 in the rest with few drops here and there. My specs are GTX1060, FX6300 and 8GB DDR3. How should I butcher my visual experience to have stable >60 fps?

  6. 01:02 -> "Game is limited by consoles!" Lulz :'D Oh well, nothing we can do about it, yet.

    Running it on a i5-4670k @4.5GHz with a GTX 1080. Maxed out, between 80-150FPS

  7. Who in the real world pauses a game, zooms in ultra close to a speck on the ground and compares it to other platforms like ANYONE will ever notice it ?? The PC & Xbox One X are practically indistinguishable and this is a FACT .. these breakdowns and super zoomed in comparisons are idiotic..

  8. Everyone is talking about how "well-optimized" this is for PC, but all I can see from this video is "yeah, because during gameplay they turn many of the settings off or nearly off".

  9. On a Core i3-4170, there is a 16% difference between the non DRM version, and the DRM version, DRM is a performance killer, and even though you don't notice, it calls the HDD or SSD enough that if you game regularely, it will take months of lifetime from a Solid State Drive.

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