10 Things You May Not Know About Pinhead

What? Pinhead did battle with Sherlock Holmes?? NEVER?? And what’s this, Pinhead has his doodle pieced? That’s a bit farfetched isn’t it?? Well find out in this video if any of these obscure claims are true…
This vide is a Re-Upload on the account that the original video contained many spelling mistakes which seemed to affect some viewers enjoyment, also I foolishly used an image that I did not own or get permission to do so, so all errors corrected. If you want to see some awesome Horror and Pinhead art please visit www.horrify.me.uk


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  1. Even just having Pinhead cameo at the end of the FvJ movie would have been awesome .

    P.S. enjoy having this video deleted now Article 13 has been passed thanks to copyright BS.

  2. Without a doubt my favorite horror movie of all time. I actually only watched hell raiser in 2016 and I'm so glad I did, I turned off all the lights, focused 100% on what I was watching and loved every minute of it.

  3. "Oh God!" said the box maker. And in a snapped retort, Pinhead says, "Do I look like someone who cares what God thinks?!"

    The quotes, set up and delivery are endless with Doug.

  4. Look as much as I LOVE Pinhead and the hellraisr movies the constant music that matched the same level of your voice made it both VERY annoying to both listen and watch I cannot actually finish the whole video because of it but you really annoys me because I love Pinhead he is one of my all-time favorite characters

  5. Sooooo…Pinhead has a Prince Albert. That's an interesting fact. 😃 I would love it if they could combine horror movie icons in a movie or two or three. Freddy, Jason, Michael, Pinhead, Chucky and Leatherface. Damn that would be an awesome line-up.

  6. Uncle Frank, julia and chenard are the real villains. Pinhead is just doing his job.and like every employee get sick of his role in scarlet gospels lol

  7. i thought hellraiser 4 was the best because of all the interesting backstory, and then someone who could actually win against pinhead. inferno was an interesting introspective twist on how the cenobites don't just use physical means for torture (granted a retcon to add to a different movie), and judgement, which came out after this post, expands the mythology to include other barker works like lord of illusions and the scarlet gospels.

  8. Just to clarify number three: Elliot Spencer wasn't actually depressed by the atrocities of humanity – he was invigorated by them. He actually abandoned his command and his platoon to seek out a greater meaning to life, where he eventually found the Lament Configuration (puzzle box). This is according to the BOOM! comics written by Clive Barker.

    It would probably also be worth mentioning that the word 'cenobite' actually means 'priest' or 'religious devotee'.

     Thanks for the info on the 2016 Sherlock Holmes book, didn't know about that one!

  9. One more thing, It's linked to Nightbreed/Cabal. They had a comic called, Jihad. It also has Doug Bradley as Dirk Lylesberg, Oliver Parker AKA Moving Man From HR as Peloquin, Catherine Chevalier aka Tiffany's Mother in HR2 as Rachel.

  10. i so wish people would stop calling him "pinhead" … his name (or her name from the novel) is simply "Priest" .. or "the Priest" .. i really hope this is fixed in the remake, and i REALLLLLLLLLY hope they make The Priest female as the character was intended to be.. not sure why Clive changed that for the film, and now with the release of the book "the scarlet gospel".. OH MAN do they have a good place to go with the character!

  11. Always thought it was a shame how minor the role of the cenobites really was. In the days when most of horror movies were the same old boring slasher flicks (or WAY worse), they were villains that were cleverly designed, and definitely creepy in a unique way. Instead, the first movie was like 90% "lets all watch this guy regenerate…slowly", and 10% "the shit that we really want to see, AKA the only things that made the Hellraiser movies relevant or interesting, at all".
    I might even go so far as to say that the cenobites were the most poorly handled villains/demons/monsters in any movie that did as well as the first couple did. Idk…just my two cents.

  12. I could totally see sherlock homes having a battle of wit with sherlock homes .. that’s actually an amazing idea considering the box can only be opened by desire and curiosity and that’s a few traits sherlock homes doesn’t lack

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